Avery Associates Architects is a London based studio specialising in complex sites, renovations, and theatres.

Located in Warsaw, BOSE  specialise in the master planning and design of large-scale retail and mixed-use projects.

DWA Architects is an award winning UK based expert in care home, senior living,  assisted living, and retirement village design.

One of America's top 10 green design companies, FENTRESS are famous for airport,  museum, and sky scraper design.

GEDDES is a London based studio specialising in technology parks and retail conversions

Founded as a producer of fine furniture, LINLEY also provide full service interior design for luxury residences and hotels.

Studio Matteo Nunziati is a furniture and interior design firm based in Milan, providing clean modern designs for residential and hospitality projects.

METAPHOR are a respected UK specialist in museum master planning, museum feasibility studies, and exhibition design.

RTA's international team work on high-end residential, resort, and retail projects from their office in Tokyo.

A dynamic London studio with an award winning super-prime and F&B portfolio. FX International's Interior Design Studio of the Year 2014.

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